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Provide Affordable Homes for Texas Families

Affordable Housing  From a Local View

Affordable Housing From a Local View

Texas Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies, also known as TALHFA, is committed to assisting local housing finance corporations in providing affordable homes for low-income earners in the state. We strive to help these companies increase the number of inexpensive yet quality houses through our different events and programs.

Who We Are

TALHFA is a statewide non-profit organization established in 1989 for the purpose of informing, planning and supporting the needs of local housing finance agencies in their delivery of affordable housing in the State of Texas.

About Our Members

All of the TALHFA members operate exclusively in Texas. Each of them represents a different part of the state, and they are involved in the provision of economical housing for residents.


Mission Statement

To provide support and leadership for our members as they make quality, affordable homes available for Texans.

Our Vision

Quality Housing for Every Texan

Join Us

Work with some of the most dedicated professionals in cultivating and perfecting different programs for affordable housing. Become a TALHFA member today to play a part in providing housing opportunities and choices to all areas of the state.