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TALHFA Member of the Year 2020

Texas Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies

Ryan Bowen won 2020 TALHFA Member of the Year due to his undying dedication to the Issuers of Housing transactions. Ryan serves as Bond Counsel to at least three Issuers and as Borrower/Underwriter Counsel for other Issuers that are members of TALHFA. He reviewed and created  training concerning the EMMA Disclosure concerns when the IRS decided to review the records of municipal issuers. Ryan prepared training materials and presented that information to TALHFA members as well as NALHA members during panel discussions. Ryan is open to discussing how transaction work with all parties on bond issuances and represents TALHFA well in many venues.

Special Achievement by an Organization to Portfolio Resident Services for Covid-19 Urgent Assistance

Texas Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies


On April 1, 2020, PRS intensified efforts of Rent and Food Assistance Programs by collaborating with over 22 regional food banks, more than 600 Community Partners and volunteers, including the National Guard and First Responders, to provide emergency relief for Residents.

Covid-19 FOOD ASSISTANCE Program- Approx. $1.4 million in Food Assistance to over 600 community partners and volunteers

Covid-19 RENT ASSISTANCE Program- Total Assistance Provided $196,000

TALHFA Lifetime Achievement Award

Texas Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies
Ron Williams
Executive Director
Southeast Texas HFC

Ron will be retiring from SETH at the end of 2020 and we are honored to award him with this special recognition to a man who has done so much for our industry and for our organization.

Ron is a pillar in our industry. He is a tireless leader who has done so much to help his less experienced housing finance industry colleagues  learn the ropes. Whether as part of TALHFA's Swat Teams, as a one-on-one mentor, or providing testimony at the Capitol, Ron is a constant "go to" for information, advice, and counsel in our industry.

He has always been one of TALHFA's biggest cheerleaders and under his leadership, SETH has always been there as a financial benefactor, setting a high bar for membership in our organization. Ron has served on the Board of Directors of both TALHFA and NALHFA, also serving as President of both organizations. Ron's a humble guy and doesn't need to command center stage. But we know he is "center stage" because he's the one we look to for advice and guidance and the one who keeps the rest of us centered in our undertakings, and that extends just as much to picking a bottle of wine as it does to picking an architect or a paint color.

TALHFA is indeed fortunate to have Ron's leadership over the years and for that he is a deserving recipient of our first Lifetime Achievement Award.


Texas Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies
Affordable Housing  From a Local View

Affordable Housing From a Local View

Texas Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies, also known as TALHFA, is committed to assisting local housing finance corporations in providing affordable homes for low-income earners in the state. We strive to help these companies increase the number of inexpensive yet quality houses through our different events and programs.

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TALHFA is a statewide non-profit organization established in 1989 for the purpose of informing, planning and supporting the needs of local housing finance agencies in their delivery of affordable housing in the State of Texas.

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All of the TALHFA members operate exclusively in Texas. Each of them represents a different part of the state, and they are involved in the provision of economical housing for residents.

Texas Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies
Texas Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies

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To provide support and leadership for our members as they make quality, affordable homes available for Texans.

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